Great letter

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Yes, this a real letter that I received from my buddy ,Philip, years ago during a rather tempestual time in both our lives. I found it in a box. I posted it because he gave me permission and I didn't want it getting eaten by rats. So I toss to the ages to see if anyone agrees with me, that this is some crazy shit.

Juggs of Busty

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A nice playlist for you and yours from busty women and juggy ladies for bodacious tatas and milk maid mamas.

Huge tits and massive boobs on video from overdeveloped amatures busty nudes.

Height Weight Photo Chart: See what you look like...

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Here is a height and weight chart with real photos. What do you really look like?

City Neighborhood Posters

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These Ork Posters are pretty cool. They illustrate all the neighborhoods in a city kinda like a wordle cloud, only in the shape of the city!

Here's my hometown. I always wondered where exactly Studio City was.